Change of Share Registrar and Direct Registration Service

Change of Share Registrar and Direct Registration Service

GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS--(July 27, 2017) - Tethys Petroleum Limited ("Tethys" or "the Company") (TSX:TPL) today announces information for shareholders regarding a change of share registrar and the introduction of the Direct Registration Service (DRS) for Tethys shareholders.

Please note, the information provided below is for reference purposes only. No action is required to be taken by Tethys shareholders unless they wish to use the services described. Shareholders' rights and privileges remain unaffected.

The Company previously had two share registers, a register maintained by Capita Asset Services in the UK and a register maintained by TSX Trust Company in Canada. The shareholdings on the Capita register have now been transferred to the TSX Trust register and henceforth, all shareholder enquiries related to share registry matters should be made to TSX Trust whose contact details are:

By Telephone:
416-342-1091 (local call). Shareholders outside of the 416 calling area in Canada, or in the U.S., can call 1-866-393-4891 (toll free).

By Email:
TMXEInvestorServices@TMX.com or visit their website at www.tsxtrust.com.

By Mail:
TSX Trust Company
200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Toronto, ON M5H 4H1

Attn: Investor Services
The Company has arranged for TSX Trust to provide shareholders with access to the DRS, the global standard for securities ownership in which securities are owned, recorded and transferred electronically. Shareholders who wish to use DRS will still have all the same rights and privileges as previously, without the necessity of having a physical share certificate, although a physical certificate can still be issued on request. Information for shareholders who wish to transfer their shares to DRS is available on the Company's website under Investor Relations\Company Reports & Notices\Supplementary Reports.

Shares held in DRS can be transferred to or from a broker by completing a Transaction Request Form, copies of which are also available on the Company's website and returning it to TSX Trust. The broker must be a CDS Participant in order to use this feature. CDS (or Canadian Depository for Securities) is the main clearing and settlement service for share transactions in Canada. A full list of CDS Participants is available on the CDS website at https://www.cds.ca/cds-services/user-resources/participant-list.

Generally, UK brokers which provide the facility to buy and sell shares listed on a Canadian stock exchange will utilize the services of a global custodian which in turn is a CDS Participant. UK brokers holding shares in physical certificate form can transfer their shares to DRS and then to a CDS Participant, such as a global custodian, by following the same procedure outlined above.

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